Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where is Shmoobug? WHy so down on the boogie board?

When I last heard from Shmoobug she was going to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend. It is Sunday. I miss her a bit. I need to go buy face cream and they boys are being a pain in the A$$ about it. I went to the beach with them. ANd it was f-ing cold. But I was a good sport. I went, then I bought them subs for lunch. And I didn't ask them to come looking at the open houses with me. So they should go with me to the mall.

Two things have occurred to me as I was getting ready for the Beach. 1) I wish my bathing suit would adjust to my current size. If I buy a size 6 when I am a size 6 that is fine. But balloon up to the size 10 or 12 and your bathing suit doesn't work so well. I wish bathing suits could sense the increased density and adjust to accommodate me. 2) I have no civil liberties. At the Beach their were signs that said no floatation devices. WTF? So I told Snoogie to use his boogie board and if anyone asks just tell them it does not float well. Or that you did not understand that included boogie boards. You thought that mean blown up floatation devices.....What fun are the waves without a boogie board? Well some fun but not nearly as much fun as with a boogie board....And why be so down on the boogie board? I never hear Death by boogie board, nasty boogie board head injury.

Well I gotta get ready for the Mall.

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