Saturday, June 28, 2008

Through the eyes of a child

It is a real thrill to see Snoogie get excited about learning stuff. He has his own blog. I showed him how to put a picture on his ID. Kids get so excited about stuff. It is really wonderful to see.

He is enjoying sailing lessons this summer. He likes to explain sailing to us. Us being my spouse and I. I have no sailing experience what so ever so this is helpful. Most boats I have been on have motors and hopefully little cabins so you can pee if you need to. My Uncle has had a boat for years. A little cabin cruiser. My Dad used to help him race his boat when they were younger. Sounds like fun.

I worry about Snoogie because he takes things so seriously. He was playing Tennis and loving it until someone said something he did not like. Now he refuses to go back to Tennis. Wow I would be in bad shape if I decided I could not return if someone said something I don't like. I would be very unemployed. So I have to work on this one with Snoogie.

Today I start my week long vacation. Plans = paint the house, bring Snoogie to the Science Museum, maybe bring him to the Art museum. I really love the Art museum. They have a great thingy on Egypt. And I love the Georgia O'keefe paintings.

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