Monday, June 30, 2008

rat-a-2-e.....ala Pinky

Gonna make rata2e....sorry forgot the spelling. I was watching some BBC show with a lady who comes into folks houses and tells them how unhealthy they are and how much crap they eat. It was rather entertaining. The British can really be rude to each other and it seems normal.

Anyhow I need to prepare more veggies. We do eat a fair amount of fruits and veggies but now I have veggie Guilt. Guilt is like that. I grew up Irish Catholic, I am good at feeling guilty! Whether or not it has any basis in reality is of no impact....That is how my guilt is.

Got on the Elliptical today too. I have one downstairs and watch TV and/or listen to my Ipod so really there is no reason for me to not stay on the foolish thing for at least 40 minutes. So I did 40 Minutes cause now I have to hurry up and shower and get some vegetables before my family dies of starvation or rickets which ever comes first!!

And the sugary cereal!!! SH!t.......I guess I could make snoogie eggs every morning but that is labor intensive. But then someone will get bent about cholesterol....Thus starting the Guilt cycle in my brain that has its own little operator.

Gotta ....gotta buy veggies and force SNoggie to eat them....


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