Friday, June 27, 2008


I hurt today. But it is a good hurt. Not a pathological hurt. And I should hurt, I kicked my a$$ yesterday. Muscles long dormant and neglected are waking up. Here is the good news according to some research somewhere, If your body has ever been in really good shape in the past, it takes less time to get back in shape. Well that is good news cause I am a gelatinous ball of goo. I weight 144 lbs and I am 5 feet 6 inches...For some that would be ok cause it would be muscle but I am not muscle. I am goo.

So I am going to drop my Son off at sailing lessons which last 2.5 hours and get on the elliptical at the gym. I am going to avoid weights today. Will do some roman chair for abs cause I like it. eventually I will add the ankle weights but right now I just have to get into the habit.

I downloaded a bunch of new songs on my ipod so I am ready for the elliptical. I have to work tonight so I will bring a bottle of motrin and some prilosec so the motrin won't eat my stomach. That is my plan....And drink lots of water.....That is another part of my plan.

You may say "Pinky what's with the big exercise and nutrition plan?" Well my father who I tend to take after, has recently died and before that he was sick. I mean really sick; heart attacks, diabetic coma, cancer, emphysema, just a real sh!t existence. Well I don't want that. Death I can accept but disability and poor health sucks so I gotta do what I can to avoid that. Fear is a powerful motivator. As it goes I already don't smoke or drink alcohol but I do drink caffeine. And I love caffeine.....Really, really. But I guess I can make a concerted effort to cut down on that.

So that is it for now

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