Sunday, June 17, 2018

The death in Samarra

The servant arrives in terror at his master's house.
"Sir," he says, "I have seen Death in the market and it has given me a signal of threat.

The master gives him a horse and money, and says:

-Huy to Samarra.

The servant flees.
That afternoon, early, the Lord finds Death in the market.

"You did a threat to my servant this morning," he says.

"It was not a threat," says Death, "but of surprise. Because I saw him there, so far from Samarra, and this afternoon I have to pick him up there.

Gabriel García Márquez

Monday, June 30, 2008

rat-a-2-e.....ala Pinky

Gonna make rata2e....sorry forgot the spelling. I was watching some BBC show with a lady who comes into folks houses and tells them how unhealthy they are and how much crap they eat. It was rather entertaining. The British can really be rude to each other and it seems normal.

Anyhow I need to prepare more veggies. We do eat a fair amount of fruits and veggies but now I have veggie Guilt. Guilt is like that. I grew up Irish Catholic, I am good at feeling guilty! Whether or not it has any basis in reality is of no impact....That is how my guilt is.

Got on the Elliptical today too. I have one downstairs and watch TV and/or listen to my Ipod so really there is no reason for me to not stay on the foolish thing for at least 40 minutes. So I did 40 Minutes cause now I have to hurry up and shower and get some vegetables before my family dies of starvation or rickets which ever comes first!!

And the sugary cereal!!! SH!t.......I guess I could make snoogie eggs every morning but that is labor intensive. But then someone will get bent about cholesterol....Thus starting the Guilt cycle in my brain that has its own little operator.

Gotta ....gotta buy veggies and force SNoggie to eat them....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where is Shmoobug? WHy so down on the boogie board?

When I last heard from Shmoobug she was going to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend. It is Sunday. I miss her a bit. I need to go buy face cream and they boys are being a pain in the A$$ about it. I went to the beach with them. ANd it was f-ing cold. But I was a good sport. I went, then I bought them subs for lunch. And I didn't ask them to come looking at the open houses with me. So they should go with me to the mall.

Two things have occurred to me as I was getting ready for the Beach. 1) I wish my bathing suit would adjust to my current size. If I buy a size 6 when I am a size 6 that is fine. But balloon up to the size 10 or 12 and your bathing suit doesn't work so well. I wish bathing suits could sense the increased density and adjust to accommodate me. 2) I have no civil liberties. At the Beach their were signs that said no floatation devices. WTF? So I told Snoogie to use his boogie board and if anyone asks just tell them it does not float well. Or that you did not understand that included boogie boards. You thought that mean blown up floatation devices.....What fun are the waves without a boogie board? Well some fun but not nearly as much fun as with a boogie board....And why be so down on the boogie board? I never hear Death by boogie board, nasty boogie board head injury.

Well I gotta get ready for the Mall.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Through the eyes of a child

It is a real thrill to see Snoogie get excited about learning stuff. He has his own blog. I showed him how to put a picture on his ID. Kids get so excited about stuff. It is really wonderful to see.

He is enjoying sailing lessons this summer. He likes to explain sailing to us. Us being my spouse and I. I have no sailing experience what so ever so this is helpful. Most boats I have been on have motors and hopefully little cabins so you can pee if you need to. My Uncle has had a boat for years. A little cabin cruiser. My Dad used to help him race his boat when they were younger. Sounds like fun.

I worry about Snoogie because he takes things so seriously. He was playing Tennis and loving it until someone said something he did not like. Now he refuses to go back to Tennis. Wow I would be in bad shape if I decided I could not return if someone said something I don't like. I would be very unemployed. So I have to work on this one with Snoogie.

Today I start my week long vacation. Plans = paint the house, bring Snoogie to the Science Museum, maybe bring him to the Art museum. I really love the Art museum. They have a great thingy on Egypt. And I love the Georgia O'keefe paintings.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I hurt today. But it is a good hurt. Not a pathological hurt. And I should hurt, I kicked my a$$ yesterday. Muscles long dormant and neglected are waking up. Here is the good news according to some research somewhere, If your body has ever been in really good shape in the past, it takes less time to get back in shape. Well that is good news cause I am a gelatinous ball of goo. I weight 144 lbs and I am 5 feet 6 inches...For some that would be ok cause it would be muscle but I am not muscle. I am goo.

So I am going to drop my Son off at sailing lessons which last 2.5 hours and get on the elliptical at the gym. I am going to avoid weights today. Will do some roman chair for abs cause I like it. eventually I will add the ankle weights but right now I just have to get into the habit.

I downloaded a bunch of new songs on my ipod so I am ready for the elliptical. I have to work tonight so I will bring a bottle of motrin and some prilosec so the motrin won't eat my stomach. That is my plan....And drink lots of water.....That is another part of my plan.

You may say "Pinky what's with the big exercise and nutrition plan?" Well my father who I tend to take after, has recently died and before that he was sick. I mean really sick; heart attacks, diabetic coma, cancer, emphysema, just a real sh!t existence. Well I don't want that. Death I can accept but disability and poor health sucks so I gotta do what I can to avoid that. Fear is a powerful motivator. As it goes I already don't smoke or drink alcohol but I do drink caffeine. And I love caffeine.....Really, really. But I guess I can make a concerted effort to cut down on that.

So that is it for now

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I was reading Cervix's blog. She writes down how much exercise she does each day. That is a good motivator. I am in a better mood when I exercise regularly and eat good food. So here is my list of things I did at the gym. And I have to add that there is no way I could do anything without my ipod. And I have also come to accept that I will drop the ipod on a regular basis no matter what precautions I take.

1) 30 minutes on the elliptical

2) Stretch out really good cause I am an old chick and don't want an injury..They suck..

3) Weights. Wimpy weights thou. Cause again, don't want to hurt myself too bad....See above line about being an old chick. But I did all 5 muscle groups. Biceps, triceps, back, chest, arms. And I did some leg thingy. I usually don't do legs when I lift weights since I use my legs to do cardio.....Some folks tell me this is a mistake....I can live with that.

4) Got on the spin cycle for 30 minutes. I really miss the spin class. It used to be quit the rush. But then I Jacked up my back and then had surgery and I am not sure if spinning had something to do with that. So I didn't take a class. I just went into the room and worked at my own pace.

5) Used the roman chair for abs.

I ate a lot of blueberries today. I have been told that they are good for your brain. So WTF. I like blueberries. Ate a few Odawalla bars too. I am not much of a breakfast, Lunch, Dinner girl. I just kinda find something to eat when I get hungry.

So that is it for now. I think I am gonna look up some new tunes for my ipod....bye.